We perceive our kind as most benevolent but superior with knowledge to replace Mother Nature. Our intuition, cognitive brain function gives an upper hand over other species. Mr. Stan Lee greatest comic book writer emphasized in one of his comic that, “with great power comes great responsibility”. The legitimacy with which we live on this planet shows our incoherent nature with other beings.

Pre-teens are taught to be sensitive, humble, loving, and caring to others. Hardly grownups materialize these qualities, towards other humans or any other being. We are a great race, no doubt; we can learn, teach, converse in hundreds of languages. We invented language which led us to cross many barriers in communication and technology. Directly our thoughts race to technology companies when communication or technology is brought into conversations. I am not referring to our current mobile, wireless techs. My purpose is to make us realize that without language we are just another species.

Language has made us powerful. We can convey, store and create memories and recollect them when required. We can store history, science, astrology, memoir in books, electronic devices; distribute, retrieve, pass on from generation to generation. We can sail through our history with these devices. We can learn, apply, and improve from our pasts. All the development through the time should be contributed to language, ancestral knowledge would have perished if not for language.

It is very disheartening to point out that even though we have accomplished vast range of marvelous achievements in literature, science and technology with such power tool, our communication with flora and fauna is abysmal. You might have guessed the context of this passage. It is nature of this problem that nothing needs being said, we are already aware of our declivitous relationship with environment. Some believe few deny most are living it, but we all are talking about it. We talk of it when there is an earthquake, tsunami, hurricane, tornado or any other natural calamity or we talk when there is flu, viruses, or famine. Few believe it to be punishment brought on man for their sins, some fight it, some wait for it to over and some surrender to it. Countries assemble to the discuss goals, policies and when everything seems normal, attack on environment continues and we wait for next calamity.

Language coupled with curiosity is a weapon of mass destruction. It was our curiosity that we reached the space and moon. We search for water, oxygen, life on other terrestrial bodies and plan to create a hospitable environment for our survival. This eternal curiosity may take us to other planets, maybe we are successful in finding life or in sustaining life on a planet but post it we are aware of our destructive capabilities. It took us only 200 years to give up on this planet and wage quest to find other hospitable environment. This maybe was our curiosity which prompt us to answer the eternal question ‘are we alone’ but now it’s our necessity, we are depleting natural resources, polluting water, land and air, causing deforestation, global warming all in just in a span of two centuries which is just 0.0001th part of our existence.

No one in his reasonable self will dismiss our achievement in space research neither will blame the curiosity but it is rather hypocritical to search hospitable environment on other planet while destroying our own. It’s time we realize it and reform our policies, amend our behavior to protect our home before there is nothing left to protect. First step let Mother Nature perpetually maintain balance. This could easily be done by not being ruiner and guardian simultaneously.

We are not superior to Mother Nature which is proven time after time. She constantly corrects the balance through her various tools, we already have experienced it at some point. There are caution signals throughout the history which reminding us to mend our ways of life. However great we are, all the medicine, inventions, machinery fails when nature acts. So, let as pledge we will mend our ways and let Mother Nature restore order. This may sound some preaching from a religious book, religion is created by man from the experience which we gain from the consequences of our actions.   

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